How To Start a WordPress Blog On Hostgator

Finding out how to start a WordPress blog on HostGator is one of the first steps you should plan to do to build your platform on the web.

Having your platform gives you the right to share whatever content you want without being restricted by other platform’s rules. Let’s get started.

On Hostgator’s home page, they mention that their ‘Web hosting scales from easy to expert’. Getting started with your first WordPress blog should start you with a one-site web hosting plan.

Now let’s explore a few terms you might encounter when signing up for your Hostgator WordPress blog.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting banner
Hostgator WordPress Hosting

Domain name. What is it?

A domain name is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of your website. For example, if you go to Google, Google’s domain name is You can buy any domain name you want with any available domain name ending you want.

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Most of the one-word and two-word domain names are taken with .com endings. But you can find some diamonds in the rough. E.g I registered the domain name

Many people recommend getting a .com domain. And if you can’t get that, get a .net, and if you can’t get that, get a .org. Dot io domain names are becoming popular for many sites. But it comes with a higher fee than a dot com domain name. 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is where your website is stored. Microsoft Word documents have files ending in .docx for example, and website pages have files too.

Which web hosting plan should you get?

If you’re new to web hosting you will probably want to start with the easiest option available.

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That is WordPress Hosting. The Starter Plan is the best to get started with, which comes with web hosting for 1 site, 100K visits per month, 1GB of backups, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain. One thing that you’ll be happy about is that Hostgator’s WordPress Hosting is super fast. This is a problem many people with shared hosting have, and there’s only one way to solve it and that’s with faster hosting.

There is nothing to install, you get a free domain, and you get started with your blog with nothing to worry about. Note: You do need to sign up for a 12, 24, or 36 plan to get the free domain.

Explain 100K Visits

When you add content to your blog and people find it either on social media, on Google, or through a paid ad, they visit your site. And 100 thousand people are allowed to visit your site per month before you will need to upgrade your account.

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How do I backup my site

You get 1 GB of backups with the starter plan and Hostgator has made it easy for you to make backups with a simplified control panel.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. This enables your website visitors to have a secure, private and encrypted connection while viewing your blog.

Start a WordPress blog on HostGator for only $5.95 per month*. 

Hostgator’s customer service and 24/7/365 day support are outstanding and they are more than happy to help newbies that need assistance. Just ask. You can call, live chat, tweet, or read their KnowledgeBase to get assistance.

Once you’ve got your WordPress site set up, view this video to show you how to create your first blog post.