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If you want more traffic, then you’ll be interested in my Trafficzion Cloud review.

The 2020 edition of Trafficzion is a cloud-based software that gets real human visitors to your blog, and the traffic is free.

But if you are thinking of getting this, you need a website. Trafficzion, unfortunately, will not work with other websites.

Many top bloggers have advised that the easy way to get traffic on the web is to use blog communities. 


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How does Trafficzion work?

People on without this software are interested in other people’s blogs and often comment, like and follow them.

If you like and follow someone’s blog, they will be notified of this and will take a look to see who has followed them. They will then click on your blog and read it. This means in your analytics it will show a view or click.

But how many views or clicks do you think you could get in a day? How many blogs in your area of interest could you read and follow? Possibly only 2-5 maximum. 

To read and follow 100, could take you 1 week. The software can zero in on and follow 100 blogs in a few hours.

When you set it up you connect it to your blog and then select some tags. There is not much else you have to do other than let it run on schedule.

As it’s cloud-based you don’t need to leave your computer on overnight. It will be done in a few hours and you will have 100 or more visitors to your blog.

If you read the sales page you will see the testimonials that Demetris, one of the creators of Trafficzion, has collected that shows people’s proof of getting traffic, subscribers, and sales. This is why it says that it will get you buyer traffic.

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Trafficzion Product Upgrades

There are a number of product upgrades that you can purchase:

The base Trafficzion Cloud Front End product

You can choose between 2 licenses. You can choose to connect 1 website for $27 or connect 5 websites for $37.

Additionally, full video training that shows you how to use and Trafficzion.

Trafficzion Upgrade 1 – Tribe – $37

When you create a post, with this upgrade, you automatically get traffic.

Trafficzion Upgrade 2 – Inner Circle – $67/$47 Downsell

Within this Inner Circle, Demetris will be advising you on how to build a cash-making website.

You will also get access to $280 worth of Premium Plugins. These are:

1. All in one WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder

2. Magazine Premium Theme for Bloggers and New Agencies.

3. An email opt-in Premium Plugin

4. A social media plugin

Demetris will host weekly Q and A, and feedback sessions. This upgrade includes premium training courses and extra exclusive bonuses.

Trafficzion Upgrade 3 – Limitless Traffic + Done For You Website in Any Niche – Premium Plugins – And Advanced Training $197/$97 Downsell

Get a website built in a niche of your choosing, and get everything set up including logo, branding, up to 5 articles, and an opt-in form set up. 

Takers of this upgrade get paid advertising training that covers Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads.

Premium Plugins include:

1. All in one WordPress theme and visual page builder

2. Magazine theme for Bloggers and News Agencies

3. An email opt-in plugin

4. A social media plugin

Trafficzion Upgrade 4 – Agency $197/$97 Downsell

Use up to 30 sites with Trafficzion Cloud. Start an agency and sell traffic to clients.

Includes an agency business blueprint, comes with a Done For You website template to create websites.

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You need to buy Trafficzion as soon as possible because Demetris is at some time planning to charge people monthly for this software.

And if you were only planning to buy one upgrade, in my opinion, the best upgrade to start with would be Upgrade 2 – Trafficzion Inner Circle. For the reason that you get all the premium plugins, a weekly guidance Q&A session, and premium training.

If you’re not much of a writer and want everything done on autopilot, upgrade 3 would be worth it. Logo, branding, traffic training, and quality content can be expensive. This is a one fee deal.

Thanks for reading my Trafficzion Cloud review. Take a look at my other articles on affiliate marketing and related products to learn more.

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