Pretty Links:How I Save $1000s

Not Interested in reading my story? In one sentence, use Pretty Links to track clicks, a free WordPress Plugin.

How I got started using Pretty Links, my story.

When I was getting started with my affiliate marketing business, I was told you have to get all these tools. If you don’t track your clicks you won’t know what is going on in your business. You have to track the quality of the traffic or solo ad sellers will rip you off. And on and on it went.

The tool I had to have was Clickmagick. To use our program you need to have Clickmagick. I believed it. I paid for it. Some people on Facebook did rip me off with dodgy solo ads. I had the software. It taught me not to buy solo ads from people on Facebook. But that’s another blog post.

I stopped buying solo ads and switched to Google Ads. And Clickmagick wasn’t accepted. So after some time, I cancelled my Clickmagick account. I’ll talk more about Google Ads in another blog post.

A few months later I started buying solo ads again and was looking to track optins or subscribers. I went to Clickmagick to get an account, it wasn’t $27 a month anymore. They had increased their price to I think $67 per month. I thought no way am I going to pay $67 per month to track a few clicks!

I decided I wouldn’t buy solo ads from Facebook or from anyone who wasn’t on Udimi. You may have heard of Udimi. Udimi is a solo ad marketplace. With Udimi you don’t need to track traffic quality. They use their software to filter clicks. If a vendor sends you clicks that are junk, Udimi will filter them and you won’t pay for them.

So I was using my raw link for some months on Udimi. But after I signed up for Ambassador, I was giving away a free report. I needed to see how many people were downloading the free report.

I was watching some training and this marketer said you need to have Pretty Links. You can track clicks and you can use it instead of Clickmagick. And it’s a free WordPress plugin. Free.

I started using it. I could see all the clicks. How many clicks I was getting per day. And I could track everything. Downloads. Optins. Clicks visiting a link. And all for free.

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend you go to WordPress plugins in your WordPress dashboard ‘Add New Plugin’, and search for PrettyLinks. You don’t need to pay anything. You can upgrade if you want to, but that is really only for vendors. You can use the plugin for free.

I have one more recommendation for you today: to watch John Thornhill’s Ambassador webinar. This program will teach you a lot about affiliate marketing and they will help you set up an affiliate marketing business. No difficult setup. They will help you do everything.