Neo Commissions Review – Chatbot Success

Today I’ve got an offer for you that is normally priced higher but today this is a special deal. The product is called Neo Commissions. As you know this is not a new idea, but Glynn has adapted this to use chatbots to help you build your list and promote affiliate offers.

This is much better than the standard optin page because this is exciting. The chatbot does 3 things. It engages your prospect, by asking them for their name and email address, and it promotes affiliate offers.

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Note: This product is fully hosted on Glynn’s servers with no downloading or uploading required.

Get Neo Commissions

This is a newbie-friendly product. All you need to do is create an affiliate account with Clickbank. You are then instantly approved to promote the products.

In the video the affiliate campaigns are set up for you inside Neo Commissions. Follow the chat and when it gets to a point where the chat displays a button, edit it and paste in your affiliate link.

Get Neo Commissions

Neo Commissions product image
Neo Commissions Product Image

You can even create your own campaigns and edit the conversation, but most people will probably leave the chatbot conversation as is.

Neo Commissions Products

Main Product $17

Upgrade 1 – Unlimited Version – $67/ Downsell $37

Upgrade 2 – 100% Done-For-You – $97/Downsell $47

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Upgrade 3 – Unlimited Traffic $97/Downsell $47

Upgrade 4 – Automation – $67/Downsell $37

Upgrade 5 ATM – $197/Downsell $147

Upgrade 6 Ultimate – $197/Downsell $147

Upgrade 7 – License Rights $67/Downsell $37

Get Neo Commissions

Another great product from Glynn Kosky that helps you build an email list and promote top affiliate products while entertaining your prospects.

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The idea is to promote affiliate products but as this is fully customisable you could use the button that promote products or to redirect prospects to your blog. Although if you’ve got them on the chatbot site it is a good idea to collect their email address.

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