Namecheap FastVPN Review

Online privacy is becoming more and more important every day. Given the reports of online tracking by those who sell our data, it is important to take measures to protect ourselves. Read my Namecheap FastVPN review, to learn how to protect your privacy .

Access Servers Worldwide

Namecheap’s FastVPN is ultra-fast using high quality servers too. This allows you to stream media, access work documents and play online games. With servers in over 75 locations in 50 countries, you can choose to use whichever connection you want. You get unique random IP addresses for each session of browsing to hide your location.

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No Restrictions With Namecheap FastVPN

There are no restrictions (unlimited bandwidth) on the amount of data that you stream, download, or view from wherever in the world you are. And you can share large files without restrictions.

Namecheap FastVPN Review - Dashboard
Namecheap FastVPN Dashboard

You can use Namecheap FastVPN with all your devices, including phones, tablets, etc. Shield yourself from DNS leaks and stay secure. Namecheap also guarantees not to keep logs of your activity. Plus if a server ever disconnects, there’s a Kill Switch that blocks all internet traffic keeping you privacy and IP address private.

Protect Your Data Anywhere

You can access FastVPN anywhere with any device, even public Wi-Fi. Use it at work, school, university, or in a country that blocks certain content to bypass these restrictions.

Note: FastVPN is compatible with Mac, iOS, and Android devices, routers, and Linux.

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Namecheap FastVPN Review – Wrap Up

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