Ministry Of Freedom Review – What You Get

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Ministry of Freedom was created and is presented by Jono Armstrong. Like most people that start an online business, Jono started from the beginning and gradually grew to become one of the top marketers online, in just a few short years. MOF gives you the tools to build your own success story.

What Do You Get With Ministry of Freedom?

The Modules – What You Will Learn

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for using Organic or Paid Traffic

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing occurs when you recommend a product to a customer and link to the vendor’s sales page. If the customer buys the product, you earn part of the sale price as a commission.

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What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is free traffic from search engines or other web hubs. One massive web hub is YouTube, and a massive source of free traffic.

What Is Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is any traffic you pay for. This includes Pay Per Click ads from search engines or web hubs such as YouTube or Facebook.

Jono will inform you of the best strategies of organic and paid traffic within the modules of Ministry of Freedom.

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Launch Jacking Strategies

What is “Launch Jacking”?

Launch jacking – Posting a review of a product on YouTube or on your blog and linking to the sales page. When they buy, you earn a commission.

You can also create a video about a product’s launch and recommend a competitor’s product instead. This would be launch jacking in the true sense.

But when people talk about launch jacking they usually mean using affiliate marketing when reviewing a newly launched product.

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How To Build An Email List

Building an email list is one of the fundamental tools in internet marketing. This is because people who buy from you once are likely to buy from you again. And as you solve more problems for this prospect, the more they will trust you.

Approval To Promote Other Affiliate Products With Review Access

Jono will recommend you to other vendors for to promote their products on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus and other affiliate sites. Plus you get to test drive the product before you promote it.

Learn How To Launch Your Own Product

Learn how to launch your own product with Jono’s assistance. And tap into affiliate traffic. Meaning that other people will help you to sell your product and build your email list with their buyers.

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Get The Best Tools To Build Your Business

Within this module you will learn where to access the best tools to become effective in your business.

Get Warm Rotator Traffic

Get converting rotator traffic provided by Jono’s content to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

•Type 1(once off for Newbies) – Jono Will Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

• Type 2(first 60 days from Joining MOF).

This traffic is warm traffic. It is likely that the customers are searching for Jono’s content and then he will redirect the traffic to your affiliate link. This is buyer traffic. Note: The rotators are only for fully paid members.

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Live Ministry Of Freedom Support Calls With Jono

Listen and participate in live support calls with other members 3 times per week. Get all your questions answered, and improve your business every week with the tips and tricks shared.

Join the Ministry Of Freedom Facebook Group

When you join the Ministry Of Freedom Facebook Group, you get the opportunity to network with other members and get support from Jono. Plus, help other members and share your results.

Watch the webinar replay – no waiting