From Shiny Object Syndrome to Dollars: My Journey to Making Money Online

The first time I experienced making money online was when a scam site offered me money to click ads. I think it was about 30 cents per click and then it became one dollar per click. I really believed they were going to pay me thousands of dollars. They never paid me.

Some years later, after work, I remember coming across a website called Affilorama. They were offering free courses on making money online.. Mark told his story how as a pizza delivery man he set up websites promoting products and how anybody could do it as well.

Soon, I was reading every lesson. But I was a slow learner and it didn’t sink in for me how to build a site. But I still went ahead and bought his training program. I think it cost me about $197.

I thought that I was once again going to earn thousands like he promised. Then Affilorama sent me an email about a done-for-you program. They would set up the website for me. They would write all the articles. I just had to copy and paste them in. They would set everything up. All I had to do is select a niche and affiliate products. 

The problem was not that the program didn’t work. But I was looking on Clickbank at all the exciting programs. They had people offering millions of dollars. You may have heard of this guy. Ewen Chia.

He wrote a book and published it on Amazon. How I Made My First Million. I read it. But what I was looking for was how I could make my first million.

Back to Clickbank, he was offering a program where you could make money online promoting affiliate products by creating eBooks, not with AI because AI didn’t exist in 2012. He taught that you could go to Ezine articles and copy and paste articles and at the end of each article you could link to an affiliate offer. I was sold. I created at least 15 ebooks over one month. Did I make money? No. Ewen sent me an email, for another product.

There’s a name for this, it’s called ‘shiny object syndrome’. Not sticking with a program long enough to see results.

The new program of Ewen’s was teaching how to set up lead capture pages and promote affiliate products. Now this is where, I don’t know why I bought another product but I did even though I was making a few sales. But someone offered me more money and more exciting products. These guys were making thousands per month. 

Then it seemed every day they would sell me a new product. More money. New methods. More products. Until I bought a high ticket offer for $1000. I could sell this high ticket offer and earn $1000. This seemed amazing.

The only problem was I couldn’t sell it. And of course, I gave up too soon. And then the company shut it’s doors and opened under a new name. They didn’t forget about my investment and rewarded me with their highest level product. But this time I think it was much less. Today this offer is worth $90 in commission. Yes, they are still in business. An investment that has shrunk from one thousand dollars to $90. How’s that for loss of purchasing power?

I did make sales with that company but only in the hundreds. I never got my money back.

The next product was better. I made several high ticket sales but I don’t know, I skipped back to the shiny objects. The lesson is obviously, if you find a program that pays well and has worked (for you), stick with it.

Have I made sales over the years? Yes. ‘shiny object syndrome’ is not all bad. I learned things. I found methods that did work, and made sales.

Here is one product that has helped me make money online. Chronos, the name of the product has made me about 50 – 60 sales in the last year and I have earned about $800 in commissions.

Another product that I have made sales with, is high ticket and can be job replacing. If you are interested I suggest you watch John Thornhill’s free training where you can shortcut your way to earning online. Note: John is a millionaire and has helped many marketers earn a living online.