Getting Started With Making Money Online

You’re just getting started making money online. In fact you haven’t even started. You thought you might search Google, how to make money online. What do you get back from a search like this? 

You see a few posts at the top of the page, they have the heading, “Sponsored”. They say you can earn up to $50 per survey. Not bad you think. $50 could mean a dinner or be on the way to getting a new pair of shoes. You sign up. Some weeks later, you still haven’t seen an offer for a $50 survey. You’re doing one survey a week, when you can. Where’s my $50?

You decide to search again, make money online.  This time you thought you may skip the sponsored posts and read a regular post. You see a post from Nerd Wallet. 25 Ways To Make Money Online. Yes.  You spot an offer to Test websites and apps. Sounds interesting. You sign up. You test some websites. After your first website test you have done a lot of talking and wonder whether it’s really worth the $25 they pay you.

Back to the Nerd Wallet site. Freelancing? Jobs? No I don’t want another job. Amazon Mechanical Turk? Search Google. How much do they pay? 5 cents a task? No way. Make money from your blog as an affiliate? What’s an affiliate? I’ll search Google, affiliate. 

You spot the Amazon Affiliate Program in the results. How much can I earn? “Earn up to 12%”? That’s not much. 12% of $50 is $6. What am I going to do with $6?

There has to be more money somewhere. Search Google, “How to earn at least $100 from affiliate”.

Right, , first result. Some popular programs include Amazon Associates…No they only pay 12% max… Clickbank…haven’t heard of them before…Commission Junction. 

I’ll search Google for Clickbank. Let’s see… Mom of 4 earns $5M+ in Affiliate Commissions? Really? Is this a scam? I’ll watch the video… She watched a webinar? Let’s get started…

That’s how most people get started. Buy a product. Go to a webinar. Dive into unknown territory.

Want to get started? Be guided along the way with lots of help? Watch John Thornhill’s Ambassador webinar. It’s free. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to.