LeadsLeap – A Buffet of Tools

LeadsLeap is more than just one tool. It’s a buffet of extremely useful tools. All marketers use it for different purposes. I try to use as many tools as possible. But primarily I take advantage of the Pro Ads. But then to use the Pro Ad feature you need to be an upgraded member. Which I would encourage you to do if possible.

If you’re a free member, it doesn’t mean the site is severely limited. You can click ads for credits, which I am sure most members do whether they are free or Pro. Once you have the credits you can post credits ads, again it doesn’t matter whether you’re free or Pro.  Many people I have messaged on Facebook have told me that their buyers were from LeadsLeap.

Another tool that is extremely valuable is the Link Tracker. If you’re not tracking you don’t know where you’re leads are coming from, and you don’t know where to advertise. With this tool you can track hits, real and bot, and which traffic sources are most responsive. This can be tracked over 14 days, 7 days, or 24 hours. You can toggle between these results.

LeadsLeap tools

Using the Page Manager to create lead capture pages and splash pages is extremely valuable. LeadsLeap provides templates or you can start blank, or use a share code. I think it’s best to start with a template and customise it so it’s not identical to everyone else using it.

If you’re collecting leads, LeadsLeap has an autoresponder, with no limit on the number of subscribers. I used to use Aweber but the fees were high and I knew that if I grew my list I would pay more. 

LeadsLeap’s autoresponder, Sendsteed, might not have everything that top autoresponders have but if you want to just schedule an email, and track opens, clicks, and optins, Sendsteed is good for that. You can add a signature, and broadcast your list, plus you can address your subscribers by name, and more.

People that create sales funnels are going to save a ton of cash. With some sales funnel builders charging up to $200 per month you will only ever pay the $27 Pro membership fee, nothing else. I’m sure Kenneth Koh, the founder of LeadsLeap could be charging people more but he does say he likes to provide value.

Which reminds me, read the LeadsLeap blog. Kenneth shares his business and personal development secrets.

You probably think that LeadsLeap sounds like a good place to help promote your business, and you’re right. But you can also get paid. This is from clicking 10 ads per day to get the daily bonus. For free members you get paid $0.01 or more depending on how many ads you click. Pro members get paid $0.02 per 10 ads clicked.

When you reach 50 credits you can then sell them back to LeadsLeap for 10c. No other traffic exchange pays you this much. It’s called ‘Traffic Encashment’.

The LeadsLeap Co-op will pay you for advertising, as will displaying their ad widget on your website or lead capture page. But you must never click the ads yourself.

Referring others earns free members a 25% commission when their referrals upgrade and a 50% commission for Pro Members. You can earn from referrals 10 levels deep, I have 80 followers and I only referred 11 people. 

You need to sign up for LeadsLeap yourself and get a Lifetime Free Membership and take a look around. If you don’t know how to use something you will usually find a ’Tutorial’ link in the top right hand corner of the page. Join now, there’s even more to the site beyond what I’ve told you in this blog post.