Earn $10,200/mo – Simple Ideas On How To Make Money

With the current economic climate, most people are working from home, or are looking for ideas on how to make money. This is a short list of some methods that have worked for me and others that I have read about that have worked for others.

1. Sell articles online

If you want to sell articles online, one site that you will want to consider is DigitalPoint.

DigitalPoint.com is a site that houses a number of tools for bloggers and content marketers. Of most importance are the forum, and the marketplace.

Authors can list their articles in the marketplace for free, and at any price they choose. The only catch is, DigitalPoint takes a cut of the selling price.

Driving organic and direct traffic to your articles as well as promoting your articles in their emails is your return on the cut.

2. Get paid to write

Getting traffic to your blog can be up and down, but an idea on how to make money online in 2021 is to be part of a community that attracts its own audience.

Medium is one of these communities.  Sign up for the Partner Program and they will pay you for your contribution. They have one hundred million plus, readers. Your article can go viral if it gets featured. Meaning that the compensation can be more than substantial.

3. Earn with affiliate marketing

Many bloggers report that they make a good portion of their income from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept where you get a cut of the sales revenue of a product, physical or digital.

Digital products (online courses and eBooks) have the highest commissions. This is because the distribution and production costs of a digital product are lower.

Add to this, a membership product with recurring billing, and you are earning predictable income.

This course will guide you on how to set up a recurring commission income.

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4. Make money installing apps on your phone

Part of getting apps to function properly is testing the app on a variety of devices. This is one of the costs of being a successful web developer.

You can find deals on apps that will help you make money.

Snap up the higher paying offers by installing and using apps. You are usually paid in points that can be redeemed for PayPal Money.

ideas on how to make money. A photograph of a woman looking at a website on her computer.

5. Website testing

This is one of the most lucrative ideas on how to make money if you have a good clear voice. You can expect to earn $10 – $25 per web site test. Complete 10 of these per week and you’ve earned some good money.

Once registration is complete, they give you a dry run. But you need to be able to comment on what you see as you observe the web page or app. There are usually several goal tasks to achieve. An example of this is to navigate to a certain page.

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6. Paid surveys and interviews

Earnings from paid surveys is not regarded as high, but as your consistency grows the compensation increases.

To begin with, a basic survey will pay a few cents to two or three dollars. After a few months, you might get an email asking you to complete a 3-hour survey for $20. After that, a focus group or interview for $100 for an hour.

If you are low on skills and experience this is one of the best ideas to make money.

A good site to get started with is swagbucks.com

7. Get money back for shopping

There are a number of sites on the web that you can get your money back for shopping. Again swagbucks.com is one of these sites, depending on your region.

The cashback is minimal but the few dollars you save can contribute to a gift card.

8. Make money searching the web

Yes, you read that correctly, you can make money by searching the web. But you have to be prepared to share your data.

People using a family computer are likely to earn the most because the average person will do 3 to 4 searches a day. Times this by 4, and the family may do 12 searches a day.

Get paid with Quemee or Swagbucks

9. How to earn money from YouTube

There is a simple formula to follow if you want to know how to earn money from YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and it is owned by Google, and they also own Adsense.

And because of this, if YouTube and Google show your videos to more people and they go viral you can get more traffic and earn from Google’s Adsense Ads.

Add your relevant affiliate marketing links to your video description and you double your earning potential.

ideas on how to make money. Facebook logo.

10. How to make money on Facebook

1.49 Billion users online are on Facebook whether this is to socialize or improve your life. To make money on Facebook, you need to make use of Facebook Groups.

People join Facebook groups to learn or find opportunities. This is an opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

But you don’t want to spam your link everywhere. The goal is to help people to fix their problems.

What you need to do is create a blog on a reputable site like medium.com and tell your audience that they can find the solution to their problem by reading your post.

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11. Micro tasks

Completing micro-tasks on the web is one of the best ideas on how to make money as it appeals not only to people who need extra cash but also to those that have free blocks of time and nothing to do.

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There are a few micro tasks websites on the web that pay you a few cents to a dollar to complete short tasks.

Examples of these tasks include sharing links on social media, shooting short videos, and helping machines learn.

Join either Microworkers.com, Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Clickworker.

12. Become a freelancer

Freelancing can take several forms. You can either join a freelance site like Upwork, Fiverr, or sell your articles on sites like DigitalPoint..

Some freelancers report they are earning $3000 to $5000 per month which is enough for most people to quit the job they hate.

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13. Drive for Uber

If you have access to a car, driving for Uber after work and on the weekends can be a good way to increase your income.

Uber takes about $0.30 in the dollar from each fare. With most fares being between $15 to $20 which means you could be earning $10.50 to $14 per fare.

14. Do food deliveries

There are several big players in the food delivery market. The most popular ones are DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Menulog.

Take a break from hard work and replace it with two tasks, pick up and delivery. Expect to make $15 to $30 per hour depending on the amount of work available.

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15.Walk dogs for cash

A problem many dog owners have is that they don’t have the time to walk their dogs. For you, this is a lucrative opportunity if you know how to handle dogs. Because you can walk 3 or 4 dogs at once. Which means 4 times the pay. At $12 for 1 dog you could earn $48 for walking 4 dogs for 30 minutes work.

To earn more you could start a business and advertise in your local area, and outsource most of the work and take a cut of your dog walker’s pay.

ideas on how to make money. Photograph of a Labrador puppy.

16. Pet sitting

Pets to their owners are like family members. They want them to be well cared for. Pet sitting is big business because pet owners want their pets to not get stressed or lonely while they are out of town.

Keeping pets company can pay anything from $15 to $35 dollars a night. Two dogs could net you a pay of $70 per night.

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Ideas On How To Make Money – Conclusion

There are countless ways to make money. Some require monetary invest others are free, like most of the suggestions in this post. The key is to be persistent and consistent.