How To Make Money Online From Home

Read this post to learn proven ways of how to make money online from home. During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and needed extra money to survive.

None of these solutions are instant cash generators but they are capable of paying decent money when you build on them.

The categories of ways to make money from home are surveys, affiliate marketing, gig completion, digital publishing, and odd jobs. Let’s get started and learn about surveys first.



Swagbucks is a site where you can earn money playing games, and completing offers and surveys. Playing games and completing surveys doesn’t cost you anything. Completing offers can sometimes carry costs but this is returned to you in the form of swagbucks. 

In case you’re wondering what a Swagbacks is, it’s currency for paying you within Swagbucks. 1 swagbuck (SB) is not worth $1. The thing is you can earn swagbucks for free.

How to make money online from home


Like Swagbucks,  you can earn money and points for completing surveys. But OpinionWorld is primarily a survey site, although you can earn money by playing games. You can then redeem your points for PayPal money or gift cards.

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MyOpinions like Swagbucks and OpinionWorld is another survey site. and you can earn points for completing surveys, offers, and playing games.

Affiliate Marketing


How to make money online from homeMy Online Startup

My Online Startup is a site that also builds you an affiliate marketing business using squeeze pages and a done-for-you email campaign. The number one upgrade is to become a partner of My Online Startup. This is like becoming a partner of a business except My Online Startup has many partners. Partners can access a private Facebook group where they are given access to promotional plans and inside information. 

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Gig economy


Fiverr is a marketplace of Gigs or jobs people can get completed for a small fee starting, as the name says, at $5. You can become a gig service person, and earn by completing tasks, starting at $5. Most of these tasks can be completed within a few minutes, and you can potentially earn $20 or $30 per hour or more, doing very little work and earning lots of money. Fiverr is accessible to almost all countries, and the gigs are mostly short simple tasks.

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How to make money online from home
How to make money online from home

SEO Clerks 

SEO Clerks is similar to Fiverr, in that it is a gig marketplace. The difference being that, many of the tasks’ fees are significantly less than Fiverr. Don’t disregard this marketplace because this will provide you additional income. 

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Digital Point is a forum and digital product marketplace. As a seller, you can sell articles, e-books and digital products at the fee you nominate. I have sold at least a few hundred dollars worth of articles over the last 2 years. If you can find a buyer for your articles and a good rate, you can make good money and all transactions are done in US dollars which makes it particularly lucrative for foreigners. 

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Make Money Online From Home – Publishing


The first social media asset that you need to have is your own blog. From here you can attract traffic from Google and other search engines and you can promote your articles on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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A blog is an asset because it attracts readers and allows you to build a media company, which means you can sell ad space and promote affiliate products.


YouTube is similar to blogging and is just a video blog. The difference is, that YouTube has an advertising program and will pay you per thousand views. Another point is, that YouTube videos can go viral very easily because YouTube advertises vlogger’s(video bloggers) videos on their homepage and under their search terms, much like a blog is placed under the search terms on the search engines.

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Ebook Publishing

The most popular ebook publishing platform is Amazon Kindle where writers can either give their books away for free or sell their books at a price they nominate, but Amazon will take 70% of this fee. eBooks are digital products so there’s an infinite amount of products that can be sold. As a book publisher, you can become successful easily as there are many ways to digitally promote your work. 

Make Money OnlineFrom Home Advertising Odd jobs 

Lawn mowing

It’s not just teenagers that can make money from lawn mowing. At $12 a lawn, which equates to about 30 minutes of work, you can earn at least $20 per hour. Your business in this niche can attract regular clientele. Other jobs you can add to your business can include trimming, gardening, and pruning.

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Once you have a system in place, you can clean houses within 20 minutes and charge whatever fee the market will bear. This is a service that many households and businesses require regularly. Large businesses and corporations are built on the back of the service as well as small businesses.

How to make money online from home


If you have a bookkeeping diploma you can offer your services to small businesses and home businesses, but you must have a good handle on numbers.

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You don’t need to be online to make money from home with these odd jobs, although it can help to promote and get more customers for your business.

Make Money Online From Home – Wrap Up

Building momentum with just one of the methods will help you add some extra money to your budget every month, whether it’s to help pay a bill or give the kids a treat.

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