Free Advertising For You Review

Free Advertising For You made its debut in 2017. It was new, and there was nothing like it on the market. Traffic exchanges as they are today were fairly boring. 

But Free Advertising For You was getting people leads, cash, and free upgraded memberships. Nothing much has changed. The site is still going strong with over 2000 active members. People are still getting leads, winning cash, and earning free upgraded memberships.

You can effectively start with no money in your wallet and build an online empire with Free Advertising For You. You will get leads because even though it is one big traffic exchange, people are on there to find new opportunities.

Free Advertising For You - header

What I like about Free Advertising For You

You can advertise in 10 different ways. This includes solo ads, banner advertising, text links, sponsored login ads, banners that last a lifetime, featured banners, surf ads, showcase ads and more. And if you don’t have the time to click every day or you want exponentially increase your advertising you can buy an ad pack. The ultimate shortcut.

Another thing I like about Free Advertising For You is that if I don’t get a lead today I’m sure to get one soon enough.

What I don’t like about Free Advertising For You

There’s not much I don’t like, but it takes a while to click all the ads. It’s just one of those tasks you have to do while listening to a podcast or something. There’s no getting around it. That’s how the site is run, and it’s run well, so every ad gets a high click-through-rate.

My Recommendation

Join Free Advertising For You. Track all your ads with LeadsLeap Link Tracker and see if you are getting leads. You will most likely see a lot of traffic. And with targeted traffic, you will find leads. Join the newsletter to get free promo codes, and redeem them every day. Claim the free adpacks when you join. Earn a 1K membership because 1K members get their banners shown in the 1K section. Advertise using every way you can and use every banner, link, and text variation you have to see which converts best. And be consistent.