EasyHits4U Review – My Experience

I started with EasyHIts4U years ago, I was new to traffic exchanges then. Fast-forward to today and it’s my number one promotion site with a few others. You can promote your business in several ways. These include website exchanges, banners, and text ads. 

What’s New With EasyHits4U

But get this in the last few days they added a new addition to their site, called ‘Offers’. With this, you can reward viewers for viewing sites, videos, and more. If you haven’t checked this you need to. How to access this? At this time, because it’s hot and new you can’t access this with a link within their site. You need to add a website in the ‘websites’ section that doesn’t fit in an iframe, and then they will ask you if you want to add it to offers. You need to offer viewers a reward (3 credit minimum. But be careful that you have the credits to fund this because your credits go down rapidly).

Promote On EasyHits4U Using The Whole Site

Back to what I was saying about EasyHits4U in general. To promote your business on EasyHits4U you need to make use of the whole site. That is have a website you’re promoting, a banner ad related to that business, and a text ad. The reason for this is sometimes the viewer is surfing 3 traffic exchanges at once and is concentrating on earning credits. But the viewer that is reading banner ads, and text ads is more likely to convert because they are open to new business. The only problem is it is only about 4 in 1000 people that click banners and text ads.

easyhits4u review - mouse clicking
Image by 422737 from Pixabay

What I Like

You get rewards…sometimes random rewards, but you need to be prepared to surf 100 pages consistently. But even if you don’t you get rewarded every 25 pages. Some people may be disappointed with getting 5 banners as a reward but they can all be used. Keep surfing and the rewards get bigger. The weekly reward can be 350 credits. When you surf 1000 pages over the week or month you get rewarded. 

If you can afford it and you’re a real hard worker and have the money it’s worth it to upgrade to the Pro Membership or the Ultimate Membership. The extra credits and rewards are worth it. Plus you get a shorter timer so you can surf more pages. 

What I Dislike

I like a lot about EasyHits4U, but the one thing I don’t like is the 2:1 ratio. But that doesn’t worry me that much because there is a 1:1 ratio of earning credits. Yes, that is for free members as well.

Final Verdict

I think that EasyHits4U is going to change in the next few months, with ‘offers’ and whatever else they’re planning, and it would be a chance you will miss out on if you don’t join asap. You can use it as a free member and get a lot out of it, and if you are getting good results and have the money then it might be worth it to upgrade.