Easiest System Ever Review – Did I Make Money?

A make money online program is only good if it produces profitable results for its customers. This is what I will cover among other things in my Easiest System Ever review.

Does The Easiest System Ever Make Me Money?

Over the next 3 months I will test whether Easiest System Ever converts. That is by using the system. I will be following their directions. I will do what they suggest newbies to the program do. That is copy one of my squeeze page links and buy traffic from the Easiest System Ever Done For You Traffic. Every week I will buy 90 – 100 clicks, and I will track in a spreadsheet, leads, cost per lead, sales, and cost per sale. Fortnightly, I will publish a screenshot of the spreadsheet so you can see my results. And if applicable, a screenshot of any sales.

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Why Am I Doing This?

In the past I have made sales with Easiest System Ever (formerly 12 Minute Affiliate), but like many people I had shiny object syndrome. Hard to believe, I was making sales, but I went after the big money. The reason was at this time Easiest System Ever had gaps between conversions and I trialled bigger offers and had promising results.

What Do You Need To Do?

Copy the URL of this post and visit it fortnightly to check my results. The sales might not appear straight away. Patience is required. If you want to test the system yourself you can buy the Easiest System Ever through any of the red buy buttons on this page. You need to test for at least 3 months and consistently buy traffic. Ninety to one hundred clicks is affordable for most people, and most traffic vendors can fulfil this order. 

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The Money Is In The List?

They say that the money is in the email list. Once you’ve got email subscribers on that email list, what are you going to do with them? Some people continue getting more and more web site visitors hoping what they are promoting after the prospect subscribes, will sell. Often what happens is that people don’t trust you enough to buy at first.

Easiest System Ever review - optin Page
Easiest System Ever Review – Optin Page

What Do You Get With Easiest System Ever?

Easiest System Ever has a few pluses. First, it’s newbie friendly. Everything is set up step-by-step with a checklist that explains everything. It’s just a matter of applying the instructions.

You are given the choice of 3 topics (called niches), or if when signing up you elected to invest in all 3 niches, which includes the make money online, personal development, and weightloss niches. For each niche you get a number of optin pages with Bridge pages. (Note: If you want to take the Easiest System Ever for a test drive, sign up to my Easiest System Ever list).

When you were setting up your system you are given a code to automatically upload your Easiest System Ever emails to your email sending software. One of the benefits of this system is that you can get everything set up in a short amount of time. All your affiliate links are automatically embedded in your email sequences, there is no manual copying and pasting email text and affiliate links.

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The email sending software is called an autoresponder and is used by internet marketers to send emails to large groups of people without been flagged by Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail as spam.

The only thing to do after setting up your system, that I would advise is to watch the education center videos to understand more about the Easiest System Ever and how to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Some of My Earlier Results – Reported In An Earlier Easiest System Review (Formerly 12 Minute Affiliate)

Easiest System Ever Review
Sales Proof – 1 Sale from Dec 2021

The money is in the follow up emails. I talked about this earlier. As the emails are professionally written, the first email ad (they are known as solo ads by internet marketers) I bought through Easiest System Ever got me 38 subscribers and one sale. I have never made a sale from a solo ad before. This can be down to a few things. The solo ad email sold the offer well, the bridge page sold the offer well, or both worked well together.

Easiest System Ever Review - Bridge Page
Easiest System Ever Review – Bridge Page

The offer, the bridge page, the affiliate products, were all set up for me. The only thing I chose was which optin page to use. They have all been tested and they all convert well. One sale from a solo ad, from 38 subscribers is a good result. (This was one of the first sales I got with – 12 Minute Affiliate – now Easiest System Ever). I am now testing Easiest System Ever more scientifically. Stay tuned.

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As I build my email list I’m sure I will get even more sales, but as they advise it is important to keep the momentum building your list every week with fresh subscribers. When you join the Easiest System Ever Facebook Group you will see that everyone is making sales, and those that keep getting traffic keep earning from their email lists.

Easiest System Ever Review – Wrap Up

Thanks for reading my Easiest System Ever review. Keep returning to this blog post to check on my progress. I have made sales before with this program.

Learn How To Monetise Your Blog From Day One

I have decided to document my results for people to see. As you can see from my blog I have reviewed (favourably) many products that need to be scientifically tested. Most reviewers tell you what the product does and hope you are interested. The vendors often show a (lot of fake) earnings proof (often related to another product). Then the reviewer will offer you a bundle of well marketed bonuses. 

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Soon you forget about the product that they are selling you and you buy the product to get the bonuses. But guess what? Many of the bonuses, were mainly more of the same. Untested products that don’t work. Or they are badly manufactured and don’t work. And you’ve just wasted another $20.

I’m not offering bonuses. I’m testing the product for 3 months. Consistently buying 90 – 100 clicks of traffic from the suggested traffic source. Following instructions. Check my progress if you are interested.

Update 1: First Solo Ad Has Ended

I will update you on the full results next week. Today, I bought another solo ad today for 90 – 100 clicks from Easiest System Ever’s Done For You Traffic. I will be buying a solo ad for 90 – 100 clicks every week for 3 months to see if I make money. Stay tuned next week for full results of both solo ads from week 1 and week 2.