Earn Extra Money For Opinions

If you want to earn extra money in your spare time, online surveys are a good choice to get paid. Read on to learn how online surveys work, which survey sites are reputable, and how to maximise your earnings.

A. About Online Surveys

  1. How Online Surveys Work

Online surveys allow brands and research partners to get feedback and opinions from their target market about a particular product, topic, or service. The questions can be multiple choice, open-ended, or a combination of both.

2. Why Survey Sites Exist


Survey sites act as a middleman between companies and people looking to participate in surveys. Survey sites then pay their users a fee per survey or per focus group.

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3. The Different Types of Online Surveys

There are several types of online surveys, including:

– Product surveys: A questionnaire about a consumer product or service. The data from this is usually to improve marketing.

– Opinion surveys: Usually questions about current events or social issues. Government or universities are interested in public opinion about social issues.

– Market research surveys: These surveys ask about shopping habits, preferences, and behaviours. Results help companies improve their marketing strategies.

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4. Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Surveys

Benefits of online surveys include: 

  • the convenience of working from home
  • the opportunity to earn extra money in your spare time 
  • and the opportunity to provide feedback that can influence the development of products and services

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Drawbacks include: 

  • the low pay and the potential for scams and spam.

B. List of Reputable Survey Sites

When it comes to online surveys, it is important to choose reputable survey sites to avoid scams and spam. Here are ten reputable survey sites to consider:

1. Survey Junkie

2. Swagbucks

3. Toluna

4. Pinecone Research

5. Opinion Outpost

6. YouGov

7. i-Say

8. Branded Surveys

9. InboxDollars

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C. Maximising Earnings with Online Surveys

While survey earnings are mostly low, there are strategies to maximise your earnings. These include:

1. Fully completing your profile. If you don’t do this it is a game of trial and error for both you and the market research company.

2. Completing surveys with the most detail possible. If you do this, it pleases both the market research company and its partners. As a result they will offer you more surveys and higher paying surveys.

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3. Referring others. By referring others you can earn either per lead or a proportion of your referral’s earnings. But this varies depending on the survey site.

4. Focus groups and product testing pay more than regular online surveys. Surveys are to collect data from the target market. Focus groups and product testing is more specific to product response.

5. Some market research companies pay in cash, by PayPal or gift cards from your favourite retailer. To collect your reward, select from these choices.

You can earn some good extra money with survey companies. But remember, the real money is made with product testing and focus groups. Don’t be mesmerised by money promises. Reputable market research companies don’t advertise dollar amounts. This is usually done by scams and spams. These are usually companies that ask you to pay to participate in surveys. Market research companies will never ask you to pay to participate in surveys.