Drive Traffic To Your Website – 13 Ways

Most people that aren’t making enough money online usually complain that they aren’t getting enough traffic. But to drive more traffic to your website you need to know the best methods.

Many people believe that relying on one traffic source is the wrong strategy.

An example of this is when Google changes their algorithm and they lose their business.

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The way to counter this is to use a few traffic strategies.

Below are 13 free traffic methods that will help you drive traffic to your website.

Drive traffic to your website - social media app icons on a smart phone
Social media

1. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Comment On Social Media Posts

Most people go to social media and dump their content and then move on to the next platform to do it again.

You can’t expect people to comment on your content if you never participate on the platform.

A large following means nothing.

Before social media platforms changed their algorithms you could follow 200 or more people on Twitter and been a reciprocal platform, they would follow back.

But many of these bulk following platforms lost the permission to do this.

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Now you need to post valuable content to build a following, get retweets/shares, and likes.

On Instagram where engagement is high, the social currency is comments.

Likes are good but comments carry more weight and get the post featured on ‘the Explore Page’.

It’s the same on Facebook.

I’m not on Pinterest but it is likely a comment carries more weight than a repin.

2.Give Value Before You Share Your Opportunity

There are a lot of people spamming their links on Facebook.

People want to learn about the business opportunities but mostly what you get is an optin form or sales page.

I have done it myself. One hundred or more people wanting to learn more, but once they see the optin page, they’re not interested.

If you wrote a blog post detailing everything that they are likely to get, you will find that your optins and sales will increase.

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People want things for free. Very few people will shell out $497 if they don’t know what they’re buying.

Good sales pages give details, but many sales pages are misleading and what they advertise in the headline and what you get when you buy are two different things.

3. Syndicate Your Blog To Social Networks

When you write a blog post, it isn’t a case of build it and they will come.

The search engines and the world audience don’t know that you have written a blog post unless you tell them. A few ways to tell them is to post your blog post to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You can also use syndication tools like Ping-o-matic. This will alert various search engines and social networks that your blog post exists.

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Ping-o-matic is a free tool and you don’t even need to opt in. It is a matter of submitting your blog post title, and link and then it pings the various search engines to drive traffic to your website.

But don’t do this more than once. If you have more blog posts from the same blog, you do not need to ping each blog post. The search engines will crawl your blog and find the other blog posts.

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Drive traffic to your website - photo of a person holding up a hashtag

4. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to get your posts seen by more people. Hashtags are like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest’s search engine food.

People searching social media want targeted content. Which means don’t use irrelevant hashtags. This will irritate people.

5. Cross Market Between The Social Platforms

Only cross market if what you share on other social platforms is different. Don’t waste people’s time by recommending that they follow you on other social media platforms if all your content is the same.

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The problem with been on too many social media platforms is that you never focus on building your profile properly. What you end up doing is spamming your content and then you leave and go to the next one without participating on the platform.

6. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Use Reddit

Reddit doesn’t like people spamming their content, but many people report that if you get involved and eventually share your content you will be able to drive boatloads of traffic to your website, if your content is good.

But it needs to be a blog post not an optin page, sales page, or a spammed link. It needs to be about something that people want to know about.

7. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a good tactic to drive traffic to your website, but you need to ensure that the comment is relevant to the blog post. Comments like, ‘check out my blog’ will most likely not get published. You need to read the blog post and add a comment that adds value.

Not only do you get traffic from the people that click your link but if the blog is a high-ranking blog you also get a backlink, and backlinks will help you rank higher in the search engines.

8. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Hubpages

Web 2.0 properties like Hubpages are platforms that you can write a valued article and have it seen by their audience. Who will possibly comment on your post which will send social signals to the search engines. And get you a high ranking backlink. This will drive traffic to your website and get a higher search engine ranking. With enough views you can also earn through Google Adsense.

9. Drive Traffic To Your Website – Viral Traffic

Content that goes viral needs to have an emotional hook. This can either be an image or a video. But not every image or video you post will go viral.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are the best platforms to get things to go viral. Like most content you need to keep posting until you find one that will go viral.

Drive traffic to your website - picture for forums
Can you see the word, forum?

10. Drive Traffic To Your Website With Forum Marketing

Forums are good places to learn things as well as connect with like-minded people. When you share information and add value people will want to know more about you and the offers you are marketing.

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If you pay for a membership to the forum, the forum will let you have a forum signature to link to your blog, optin page or affiliate offer. These links do get clicked and can drive a good amount of traffic to your website.

11. Drive Traffic To Your Website With RSS Feeds

WordPress blogs are automatically ready for rss feeds but other platforms require you to sign up to a program to get an rss feed link.

Your goal is to get as many people subscribing to your rss feed as possible. The more people reading your content the better.

12. Drive Traffic To Your Website With Quora

When you have a question, most of the time you go to the search engine and type in your question and get an answer. But with Quora can get you a more targeted answer to your question.

You can also use these two platforms to answer questions yourself and depending on how valued your answer is it can drive massive traffic back to your website or affiliate link.

13. Join Triberr and Viral Bee

Triberr and Viral Bee will help you market your content, if you help others market their content. Share enough content and expect to drive a mass of traffic to your website.


The best strategy for you to follow to drive more traffic to your website is to follow one method, master it and then follow another method.

Don’t become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

It is the same with any business. When you promote 10 products at once, what happens is that you get lost in the confusion and wind up not getting any sales or the results that you want.

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To recap – Drive Traffic To Your Website:

  1. Comment on social media posts
  2. Give value before you share your opportunity
  3. Syndicate your blog to social networks
  4. Use hashtags
  5. Cross market between social platforms
  6. Use Reddit
  7. Blog commenting
  8. Hubpages
  9. Viral traffic
  10. Forum marketing
  11. RSS feeds
  12. Quora
  13. Join Triberr and Viral Bee
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