Drive Traffic From X – What Google Can’t Ignore

Before you drive traffic from X, it is important to get the basics in order first.

1. Add a profile picture. This will help you build your profile or brand.

2. Tell people about yourself or your business.

If you are an affiliate marketer use the #AffiliateMarketing hashtag within your bio to get your profile ranked within X Search and the search engines.

3. Link to your blog or squeeze page from within your bio.

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Use a link shortner, the bio only allows 160 characters.

I don’t recommend linking to your blog with the website link space. I did and found that bots were excessively hitting my blog and distorting my analytics.

Drive Traffic From X – Quote Yourself

Make a creative description of your post or quote yourself from your blog and create posts and link to the full blog post for those who take the bait and click through to the content.

This is what magazines do. They try to hook you on the front cover to read the articles within the magazine and get you to buy the magazine.

Drive Traffic From X and Use @Mentions

Use @mentions to get the attention of X users. They will be happy to be mentioned.

It may be a way to get a repost if you feature them in your post.

But don’t @mention people to get traffic from the X user when the content isn’t related to them.

They will be annoyed that you have used them to drive traffic with no benefit to them.

drive traffic from X

Drive Traffic From X – Ask For Reposts

Ask for Reposts. If you don’t ask you don’t get, is what I’ve been told.

Include the short phrase ‘Please RP’ within your post and if your followers think that you are worthy of a repost you might get one.

If enough people do this your post could go viral and drive massive traffic from X.

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Add Images To Your Posts

Use images that compliment your posts. Image posts are more likely to get reposts, likes and clicks.

When you are been hit by a stream of text the one thing that gets people’s attention is images. Depending on what result you want you can create X images with graphic design tools like

This is a free site although they do have a paid membership for people that want extra features.

Using images larger than the regular X image gets people to stop and expand your image resulting in more engagement. But the goal is to get them to click through to your blog.

Drive traffic from X

Post Questions

Ask questions within your post to arouse a question in your followers minds and answer the question within your blog post.

Questions get people thinking and interested. This is a good tactic to drive traffic from X as long as the content is relevant.

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Use Numbers Within Your Posts

Use numbers within your post to get more attention.

This is a trick that search engine marketers use to attract people to read their text ads.

Posts are similar to text ads. Posts are only 280 characters long about the same length as a text ad.

Vary Your Posts

Post varied versions of posts that promote your blog posts, but don’t tweet the same link repeatedly. Only post the same post at a maximum of 3 times a day.

If you mind numbingly post the same post again and again people won’t want to see it and will unfollow you.

If you are going to post links to your posts make sure you have enough posts to vary what people will see throughout the day.

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Create Quote Images

Create quote images to get people to click through to your bio. Add links to these post quotes. This works. JeffBullas says that he has data to prove it.

Drive Traffic from X



Get More Traffic From X With Videos

Upload videos for more exposure to your bio. Videos are not promoted as a big part of X but the videos that go viral do get a huge amount of views.

The videos need to be short to get the viewers attention.

Uploading YouTube videos most likely won’t work as videos that rank in YouTube are at least 10 minutes long which are too long for X.

X being a micro-blogging site, videos must be less than a minute long.

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Use Targeted Hashtags

Use hashtags for more traffic than the stream of your followers. You can also get more followers this way as well as broadcasting your content to a larger audience to drive more traffic from X.

Research hashtags to use with your tweets with this will help you find trending tweets within your niche.

Test Different Post Phrases

Test different post phrases with posts. As with email marketing the best headlines sell products and get attention.

People are bombarded with a stream of posts. Make yours stand out with relevant attention-getting headlines.

Post Often To Drive Traffic From X

Tweet more often. There are tweet scheduling tools within X that will post your posts at the best time to get the most engagement for your posts when your audience is most active.

Post at least 10 times per day. This is Neil Patel’s recommendation. 

Share Infographics

Infographics are a visual way to share statistics and facts that make them easy to consume and remember. i.e a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pin Your Post To The Top Of Your Newsfeed

Pin the post that you want to promote the most to the top of your newsfeed.

Everyone who clicks through to your profile will read this post, and a fraction of them will click the link and view your blog post or promotion.

You can do this with any post. Click the top righthand corner of your post and click – ‘Pin Post’.

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Repost Other People’s Posts

Reposts and comment post your community’s posts.

This includes influencers and people you compete with.

Add a @mention to get their attention to notice that you are posting their content and they might return the favour.

Drive Traffic From X – Maintain A Targeted Following

Keep your following where possible focused on your niche.

You don’t want to be following accountants if your niche is dog training even if you are going to hire an accountant at some time.

This will mean that the posts you read and post will be linked to your niche and the traffic you receive will be targeted traffic.

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Respond To Your Follower’s Questions And Comments

Respond to your follower’s questions. This builds rapport and community as well as ranking your profile higher.

Ranking your profile on the search engines will help to drive more traffic and establish you as an influencer.

Post Images That Relate To X Trends

Post images that relate to X Trends and then add your promotional link to it if it relates to the X Trend. Posts with images get significantly more engagement than text only posts.

Quote Other X Users

Directly quote other X users within your niche.

This can build conversations as well as a community and interest from within your niche.

Resulting in more exposure for your profile and eventually driving traffic from X to your blog and webpages. 

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