Crypto Profit App Review – Commissions That Grow

Want to earn commissions that grow?

Keep reading my Crypto Profit App review to learn how crypto companies will pay you with cryptocurrency to refer people.


Crypto blog - Crypto Profit App
Example of Crypto Profit App blog

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What is Crypto Profit App?

This is a product created by Glynn Kosky which will build you auto-updating crypto blogs using other people’s videos and articles that are legally sourced. With done for you campaigns, all you need to do is add the banners created for you and add your affiliate links. And when someone clicks on one of these ads and joins these crypto companies, they will pay you in crypto ie Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto coin.



Explanation of Crypto Profit App Members Area

Tutorials - Crypto Profit App review
Apply For Affiliate Programs


The tutorials section is where you can apply for the crypto affiliate programs. The affiliate programs are Coinbase, BlockFi, and Binance.

Campaigns - Crypto Profit App review
Click on the ‘Traffic’ button


Click on the Campaigns link, and you can either create your own campaign or drive traffic to a done for you campaign by clicking the ‘Traffic’ button.

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A popup will show with 20 or more social sites that you can share your campaign.

Page Content
Get Content

Page Content

If you click on the ‘Page Content’, a page with videos will display, and the software will transcribe the videos to text and create content for your blog.

Product Banners
Product Banners – Add Your Affiliate Links


‘Products’ leads to your banners that you can add to your blog and paste in your affiliate links for the 3 affiliate programs you are promoting. You can also add ‘New’ banners and new affiliate links.

Done For You Campaigns
Done For You Campaigns – Start Earning By Driving Traffic

Buy Crypto Profit App + Get My Mega Bonus + Vendor’s Bonus

Done For You

‘Done For You’ campaigns are the campaigns the vendor has made for you.

Free Traffic

‘Free Traffic’ houses a number of traffic apps the vendor has sold previously that you get for free.

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There’s also a ‘Help’ tab that you can access help and support.


And finally, if you’re thinking that one of the upgrades you saw in the funnel might be useful you can purchase them here.

Can I get a discount?

The product is $16, but by pretending to leave the page, an exit popup will show that you are eligible for a discount. The discounted price is $13.

Buy Crypto Profit App + Get My Mega Bonus + Vendor’s Bonus

My Crypto Profit App Review – Mega Bonuses

1 Bonus – Monkey Mailers – Mail Up To 500K

2 Bonus – Lion Listings – Get Free Autopilot Traffic For Up To 1 Year

3 Bonus – Schedule Tweets in Twitter for Free To Get Traffic On Autopilot

4 Bonus – Make Your Post Go Viral 

5 Bonus -Master Twitter Marketing 

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6 Bonus -Mail up to 175K with one site

7 Bonus -Share your post to a social media community 

8 Bonus – Drive Traffic From Twitter – What Google Can’t Ignore 

9 Bonus – Drive Traffic To Your Website – 13 Ways 

Buy Crypto Profit App + Get My Mega Bonus + Vendor’s Bonus

Crypto Profit App Review – Vendors Bonuses

Glynn Kosky Info Product Vault

Access to 17 Warrior+ Best Selling information products put together by Glynn & his team.  Each product details a variety of traffic generation methods.


$300 CPA Everyday

$500 CPA Everyday

CPA Coffee Shop Method

$200 Cash Hack

$2K CPA Traffic Jacker

$250 Cash Magnet

The Commission Glitch

Six Figure Influx

Million Dollar Toolbox

Overnight Commissions

Commission Toolbox

Pure Profit Payday

$100 CPA Daily

Commission Profit Hack

Instant Traffic Jacker

The Commission Magnet 

The Commission Blueprint

Affiliate Traffic Lab

Buy Crypto Profit App + Get My Mega Bonus + Vendor’s Bonus

Sales Funnel

Front End $17

1st Upsell – Unlimited Version –  $67/$37 Down sell

2nd Upsell – 100% DONE-FOR-YOU  – $97/47 Down sell

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3rd Upsell – Unlimited Traffic –  $97/47 Down sell

4th Upsell – AUTOMATION – $67/37 Down sell

5th Upsell – ATM – $197/$47 Down sell

6th Upsell – ULTIMATE – $197/$47 Down sell

7th Upsell – License Rights $67/37 Down sell

Buy Crypto Profit App + Get My Mega Bonus + Vendor’s Bonus

Thanks for reading my Crypto Profit App review. You can get My Mega Bonus Pack and all the Vendor’s Bonuses just by buying the Front End product which you can get at a discount for $13.

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