5 Basic Fundamentals Of Life And Success – Jim Rohn

Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

About a half dozen things will give you 80% of the solutions to health problems and other problems. Be a student of those half dozen basic things.

Do things well. Key things well.

Learning to speak is survival. Learning to speak well is called success.

1. Philosophy

Philosophy in simple terms is what you know.

What you know greatly affects how your life works out.

What you don’t know greatly affects how your life works out.

Ignorance is not bliss. It’s important to know. It’s important to get the information.

Weigh everything before you do it, before you buy it, before you try it.

Everything you do you’ve got to decide whether it’s a major or a minor. You don’t want to give minor things major time.

We weigh things and then we come to conclusions about values. Where are the values? What is important?

Poor thinking habits keep most people poor. Not poor working habits. Most people work hard but they don’t think hard. They don’t use their mind to perceive where the values are so they don’t waste their time.

One of the major pieces of the life puzzle is what you think about. If you want to help somebody you have to change their mind, change their philosophy, change the way they think.

It’s very easy to make errors in judgement. You need to read one or two books per week. If you don’t keep up the learning process a lot of values become fuzzy.

Keep the flow of ideas to help refine your ideas and to help refine your business, to make sure you’re not making errors in judgment.

Have a good plan for your money even when the amounts are small. It’s easy to make errors, it’s easy not to know, and it’s easy to miscalculate.

Life is accumulative. Our errors either accumulate into what we don’t get, or our wise decisions accumulate into what we do get. The key is to correct the errors as soon as possible. The time to catch the errors is early.

To know wise things you have to know. Keep up the reading, keep up the conversations, keep up the attending lectures, and keep up taking notes.

There’s no better way to adjust your philosophy than to have a continued flow of ideas. That’s the first piece of the life puzzle.

2. Philosophy determines attitude.

Attitude is simply how you feel. First what you know sets the sail of your life. Now how you feel starts taking you there.

If this is all they pay I don’t come early and I don’t stay late. This is one attitude. Here’s another attitude. No matter what they pay, I always come early and I always stay late, to invest in my future. Attitude is by choice. You can choose to come early or you can choose to come late.

To make wise choices we need educated attitudes. Emotions must go to school to learn where the values are.

Attitudes now become a matter of educated choice. How we feel is greatly going to influence how our life works out.

It’s how you feel about the past. Some people are still carrying the burdens of the past. Instead of using the past as a school, they’re using it as a threat to their life.

Part of it is solving the attitude about the past.

It’s how you feel about the future. Facing the future is a very important key part of our life. There are two ways to face the future. One is anticipation. Two, apprehension.

Most people face the future with apprehension mainly because they bought someone else’s view. They don’t have their future well designed.

So in the absence of having your future well designed, you tend to be persuaded to buy someone else’s future.

Some day you get to know how you feel about the future. And how you feel about it greatly determines what you do.

If you don’t feel good about the future by having goals set, you have what we call an uncertain future. It’s difficult to be confident about the day if you don’t have your future well-designed.

Set goals, and write them down.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to be? What do you want to see? What do you want to have? Even if it all changes 12 months from now, the key is to start making a list now.

Your health goals. Your investment goals.

How the day goes is greatly influenced by your confidence about the future.

It’s how you feel about each other. How you feel about society and the community.

It’s important to understand that it takes all of us to help each of us do well. You can’t succeed by yourself. You need a market. You need a society. We need each other’s ideas. We need each other’s collective ideas and collective activity in the marketplace. How we feel about each other, is very important.

How you feel about yourself. Self-esteem. Understanding your value. Learning from other people’s experiences. Picking up all the ideas.

Self-esteem primarily comes from engaging in the disciplines that lead to value.

What makes us not feel good about ourselves is not engaging in the disciplines. If you let it all slide, then you don’t feel good about yourself.

Do the best you can. It’s the greatest lift to self-esteem is doing the best you can.

Philosophy and attitude determine activity.

3. Activity

Activity is what you do. Success is doing, you now have to do it. You have decided what you have to become and then you have to simply go do it.

Don’t rest for too long. Make rest a necessity not an objective. The objective of life is not to rest. The objective of life is to accomplish. Test the outer limits of your abilities. See all you can do. See what you can do with the seasons and the soil. See what you can do with your brain and your talents, and your skills.

If you make rest an objective you start falling into what we call the average syndrome. Average people are always looking forward to getting off. Successful people are always looking forward to getting on.

Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. How hard should you work? As hard as you can in the time allotted to labour. When you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t work when you play or play when you work. Make best use of your time.

We all have to study our activity habits. When we’re going to run out of gas. Do the best you can.

What messes with the mind most, is doing less than you can.

Philosophy, attitude, and activity leads to results.

4. Results

Make measurable progress in a reasonable time.

Society eases back on us as far as on-demand results. Make the demands on yourself.

Don’t mistake movement for achievement.

We keep checking results at age 25 and 35 to see if there’s any error in activity.

If you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re successful. You may be doing figure 8’s.

5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is simply how you choose to live. We call lifestyle the genius of living well.

All of us can choose how we wish to live.

Happiness is an art, not an accident.

Culture is a study, a refinement of the mind. To be cultured you must study, and practice culture. Money doesn’t solve the happiness challenge. If you want to be happy you have to study happiness, and practice happiness.

How to be happy with what you’ve got while you pursue what you want.

Find ways to live uniquely.

Now if you look at your life on all these 5 pieces, review these notes.

How am I doing on philosophy? Are there some things I don’t know? Am I making some errors in judgment that’s going to bring me to no good end 3 years from now, 5 years from now?

Ten years from now you will arrive …. the question is where? Now’s the time to fix the next ten years