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Thank you for visiting my blog. Dominic, here.

A few years ago I was working at a grocery store picking online orders for customers and businesses.

The problem with the job was that I was a casual worker. And they wanted me to remain a casual worker because I lived a short walk from the supermarket.

This gave them permission to call me at any hour of the day and ask me to do a shift. 

When my family first got a computer it was 1998. The internet was just getting started and my mother bought the family a computer to learn about the world.

One program I liked was the encyclopaedia, because of the multimedia features, and that we could look up any country in the world and learn about it. 

I explored the Yahoo directory and search engine, Tripod, and other family websites. What was all the rage then was shopping comparison websites.

I wanted to build one but I knew that these were built by big businesses with agreements with various companies.

Years later I got a custom built computer and I explored traffic exchanges and get paid to click. But as they do today they only offer a few cents for 100 clicks.

Years later when I moved to my own flat I learned about affiliate marketing. I had dreams about making huge amounts of money because I had heard stories about other people making money.

Then I bought my first business in a box. It included instructions on how to build a website and some articles and prewritten emails. 

It wasn’t until I signed up for my next business in a box did I make my first commission online. The best thing was I wrote the email myself and loaded them into the autoresponder. Not only that but the income was recurring. It wasn’t much but over the year I made a few hundred dollars and they remained a subscriber.

The best thing about internet marketing is that if you have a blog, an article or profile, and you have written an article, some day someone will read that article. And click your affiliate link. This happened to me when I earned my first high ticket commission of $350.

One morning I was checking my affiliate revenues, and then I realised I got a commission.

Thanks for reading, I hope you get some value from what I write in this blog. Feel free to leave relevant comments. Spam will get deleted.

Dominic Goss