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A make money online program is only good if it produces profitable results for its customers. This is what I will cover among other things in my 12 Minute Affiliate review.

Most people can get traffic to an offer. It is usually a matter of sharing a link on social media. But converting those hits to subscribers, then customers is what most people have trouble with.

The Money Is In The List

They say that the money is in the list, and in the follow up. If you can build a list that’s something. But once you’ve built that list what are you going to do with it? Some people keep going getting more and more traffic hoping the initial offer will convert. But often what happens is that people don’t trust you enough to buy at first.

If you have a list you are going to do two things. You are either a strong copywriter and you are going to write your own emails or you are going to send your list email swipes. If you are a strong copywriter you will be making money soon enough depending on your skills. But if you are sending your list email swipes, there is one problem. Everyone is sending their list these email swipes. People read the first one they get and form an opinion of the offer and never read about the offer again.

What Has 12 Minute Affiliate Got?

12 Minute Affiliate has a few pluses. First, this is newbie friendly. The dashboard requires some reading for even non-novices. But if you’ve set up a blog before and you can follow instructions you won’t have any problems. But everything is set up step-by-step with videos explaining everything. It’s just a matter of applying the instructions.

You are given the choice of 3 niches, or if when signing up you elect to invest in all 3 niches, you will have the make money online niche, personal development, and weightloss. For each niche you get a number of squeeze pages with bridge pages.

When you were setting up your system you are given a code to automatically upload your pre-written emails. One of the benefits of this system is that you can get everything set up in 12 minutes. All your affiliate links are automatically embedded in your email sequences and there is no uploading of emails. 12 Minute Affiliate uses share codes.

The only thing to do after setting up your system, that I would advise is to watch the education center videos to understand more about the program.

The Money Is In The Follow Up

The money is in the follow up. I talked about this earlier. As the emails are professionally written, the first solo ad I bought through 12 Minute Affiliate got me 38 subscribers and one sale of $71. Yes, I have never made an affiliate commission from a solo ad before. This can be down to a few things. The solo ad copy converted well, the squeeze page converted well, or the offer was appropriate to the two former items, or all 3 worked well together.

The offer, the squeeze page, the affiliate products, and the squeeze page was all set up for me. The only thing I chose was which squeeze page to use. But I believe all of them will work well. 1 sale from a 100 click solo ad, from 38 subscribers, and a sale of a premium product is a good result.

Check out my Traffic Zion Cloud review to learn how to get autopilot traffic to your business.

As I build my email list I’m sure I will get even more sales, but as they advise it is important to keep the momentum building your list every week with fresh subscribers. I am sharing my story, but when you join the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook Group you will see that everyone is making sales, and those that keep getting traffic keep earning from their lists. And the traffic is top quality if you buy it from 12 Minute Affiliate.

Get Started with 12 Minute Affiliate with a 7 Day Trial of only $9.95.

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