Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

There are only two things you need to do to get started and build your affiliate marketing business. They are:

  • Find a business opportunity to earn
  • and get traffic.

#1 Free Quiz: Find The Right Type of “Side Hustle” For You



#2 Done For You Traffic Rotators

What’s a Done For You Traffic Rotator?

When someone visits a link, the traffic rotator shows a different website for every time someone clicks the traffic rotator link.

E.g You buy a subscription to The Click Engine, your website will be shown when someone clicks the traffic rotator link. Then it will show someone else’s website for the next click.

Join #1 Traffic Rotator 1

Join #2 Traffic Rotator 2

Join #3 Traffic Rotator 3

Join #4 Traffic Rotator 4

Get an autoresponder. I use LeadsLeap. You can have unlimited subscribers and you pay only one price. $27 per month. But it’s not just an autoresponder. It’s a funnel builder, an optin page builder, a link tracker, and image and pdf hosting service, you can advertise to their 100K membership for free, plus they pay you for clicking ads. This is top value. 

Once you have joined all these programs you will need to track your clicks of the links.

The programs I use are LeadsLeap and Clickmagick.

You should get started with LeadsLeap as it is the easiest to use and it’s free. It has a LinkTracker and you can create rotators later if you want. LeadsLeap has easy-to-follow tutorials so there is no need for me to record a video to show you how things work.

And Clickmagick has easy-to-follow tutorials as well.

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Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

Clickmagick is good if you’re running solo ads to see exactly how many clicks the solo ad vendor has delivered. But if you buy solo ads from Udimi, it filters and tracks the clicks for you.

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